Workplace Wellness

I design and offer workplace activities to support healthy habits, improve performance, and strengthen culture. Programs include workshops, webinars, challenges, fitness and yoga classes, weight loss programs, retreats and leadership training. With me you'll never get boring wellness requirements and cookie cutter programs. My realistic and small-steps approach to wellness will win your team's trust so they'll be excited to continue engaging in your new culture of well-being.



You know your team needs a wellness program. Everyone's doing it and you feel a bit behind.  Maybe you've even been tasked with creating one. But you don't even know where to begin. Guess what? Workplace wellness is exactly what I do.

The one thing you know is that you don't want one of those old school wellness programs with requirements that make employees feel like they're being punished if they don't participate. That's no fun! I focus on building trust with your team first so they're excited to jump on board. All of my programs emphasize small healthy habits that make a big difference.

I'm here to make sure your wellness program is a perk that your employees rave about.

You're in the right place.

Ways to Work Together

Choose from chair massage, workshops, webinars, challenges, weight management programs, yoga classes and more.

one time programs

Allow me to take all the work off your hands. I'll act as your wellness coordinator including comprehensive program design and delivery.

full service

Offer my on-demand library of yoga, fitness and meditation classes as a benefit for your employees.